NilCarbon Photo Dechlorination System

City water normally uses Chlorine for disinfection. The residue Chlorine at the pipeline end is strictly promulgated to be kept at a sufficient level. Secondary chlorination in the buffer tank is frequently required to prevent Microorganism from growing. To further purify city water to high purity water used in Pharmaceutical industry by the membrane filtration process, the residue chlorine should be removed to avoid damage to the membrane. Conventionally, Activated carbon filter and Chemical (Sodium Bisulfite) are employed to remove the residual Chlorine. By doing this it introduces the risk of bringing bacteria and salt back to the systems, which further exert a challenge on membrane scaling. It will eventually increase the removal load of Pyrogen and Endotoxin in water in Pharmaceutical industry.

NilCarbonTM adopts the latest Photoelectric technologies, It is inherently a clean system based on physical treatment and therefore no chemicals are needed. The system can remove residue chlorine and achieve 7 Log and above bacteria removal rate to avoid the production of Pyrogen and Endotoxin at the sources. Every system is equipped with an online UV intensity sensor, which can help you predict the maintenance needs accurately.

Chamber is made of 316L SS and equipped Automatic cleaning Wiper systems to maintain the systems the highest efficiency.

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BioEasyTM Water distribution Loop disinfection

As a physical disinfection method, UV disinfection is environment friendly, generating no by-products, with the benefits of low cost and ease of maintenance. UV disinfection is an ideal online water disinfection method based on the process control concept of cGMP, which can accurately monitor the running status of the system with the online UV intensity meter.

UV dosage is the key parameter to control disinfection performance. ISPE recommends 30 uw·s/cm2(30mJ/cm2) as a control parameter for water disinfection in Pharmaceutical applications.

LS series adopts the latest Amalgam lamp technology, designed for disinfection and Ozone destruction at low flow rate in sanitary industries like Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage industry etc. The engineering designs conform to ASME BPE standards and ISPE requirements.

The chamber is made of 316L SS, and equipped with UV intensity meter, complying with the highest standard in Pharmaceutical industry.

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ZeroOzone Ozone destruction system

Ozone is a strong oxidant and has become increasingly more popular in industries as less by-products are generated compared with conventional chlorine disinfection. Moreover, because ozone decomposes quickly into oxygen under the influence of UV, which is friendly to most products. This makes it more attractive as a process disinfection method to cope with the potential secondary contamination in the pipe and tank. This combination perfectly solves the problem between the secondary contamination and chemical residual, which are becoming more and more popular in bio-pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemistry industry.

ZeroOzone adopts the latest medium-pressure UV technology. It is designed for high level Ozone destruction in Bio-Pharma and Food & Beverage sectors, which could quickly destruct Ozone in the water to undetectable level. The electric ballast could adjust the dosage based on the flow rate and Ozone concentration in the water. The engineering designs conform to ASME BPE, and ISPE standards.

The chamber is made of 316L SS and equipped with online UV intensity meter.

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ZeroTOCTM TOC reduction

Short wavelength (below 200 nm) UV is so destructive that it could interact with water molecules and dissolved oxygen to generate hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radial generated could then destruct TOC by oxidizing or decomposing of organics and convert TOC to
CO2. Another channel of removing TOC is by ion exchange bed after ionization with the help of hydroxyl radical. The dosage of UV radiation will determine the TOC removal efficiency.

ZeroTOCTM combines medium pressure UV technology and low pressure UV technology, and fully takes advantage of these two technology to maximize the TOC removal efficiency of system.

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LightDomeTM TOC reduction
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