Microorganisms and “Chlorine smell” remain two biggest concerns to the public for swimming pools, especially indoor ones.

As Chlorination is the solely widely adopted mechanism for pool-water treatment worldwide, long-term exposure of microorganisms to chlorinated water could increase their resistance to disinfection. In addition, Chlorine itself is not effective in killing some Pathogenic microorganisms like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Actually, some of the annoying smell in the pools is the by-products of Chlorination, Chloramines.

Chloramines not only cause smell problem and eyes irritation, but also hurt the health of swimmers and working staffs in indoor aquatic facilities. “Lifeguard Lung” has been the synonym to the air quality issue present for these facilities. The problem related to poor air quality of swimming pools is termed as “Granulomatous Pneumonitis” medically. These problems result from long-term contact with Chloramine, which also worsens Preexisting Asthma problems of swimmers.

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BreathFreeTM Medium pressure Multi function series

USA Today has reported that, several famous swimmers’ per- formance is much worse than expected in 2007 FINA US Championships in Minneapolis, due to the indoor air quality problems. Brendan Hansen, the world champion of 200m breaststroke, is one second slower than the world record cre- ated by himself, and complained about the poor indoor air quality and described the pool stadium as a “Dead House”.

BreathFreeTM adopts medium pressure broad wavelength UV technology, which is designed for pool application to destruct Chloramines and disinfect the water. It not only achieves 4log and above reduction on Cryptosporidium and E. coli but also destructs Chloramines effectively to improve water and air quality.

Chamber is made of 316L SS and equipped with online Auto- matic cleaning systems to maintain high efficiency.

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