Aquaculture disinfection

Pathogenic microorganism is the major cause for the sudden illness of fish, prawn, and shellfish, especially for the nursery fish seeds. Microorganism and protozoon will cause many kinds of disease and cause mass mortality on fish.

In the past antibiotics and chemical disinfection are widely adopted in the Aquaculture. However, prolonged usage of these chemicals and will make microorganisms develop immunity to antibiotics, which makes disease prevention more difficult. By-products of chemical disinfection (THMs, Bromate etc.) also have mutagenicity and teratogenesis effect on fish, like ozone disinfection. If the disinfectant concentration is not controlled properly, it may inhibit the movement and breathing of fish and causing fish death eventually. This effect is more pronounced for Oosperm and Larva. Furthermore, the pollution of chemicals on environment also attracts increasing concerns.

Currently broad wavelength medium pressure UV disinfection, as a green and environmentally friendly way, is gaining popularity in Aquaculture, Aquarium, Aquatic nursey and the Algae cultivation etc. Broad wavelength UV light is very effective on White Ban disease, Saprolegniasis, Viral hemorrhagic septicaemia, Aeromonas hydrophila, Proteus Mirabilis, Aeromonas punctate (which cause Furunculosis), Sapropelus Pathogenic bacteria Aeromonas Hydrophilus, and significantly reduces the risk of aquaculture sector and improves the product quality.

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BioEasyTM Medium pressure UV disinfection

High flow rate,low UV transmittance and complicated variety of target microorganisms and viruses are the typical situation for Aquaculture. MG series adopt the latest medium pressure technology. Its single lamp power can achieve 12 kW, which allows MS series easily achieve very high UV dose needed to handle these situations in Aquaculture and Aquarium industry. The running UV dose could be set on site by the target microorganisms and viruses. The system employs stepless power control technology that allows the system to adjust running power dynamically by the water quality and water flow. The online automatic cleaning systems is also a standard feature for this series. All these will help the system achieve the target performance at the most economical power.

Chamber is made of 316L SS and equipped with online automatic cleaning systems.

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Aquaculture disinfection
Medium pressure UV disinfection
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