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City Water Micro Pollutants Oxidation

UVOP AOP systems

Micro pollutants in city water like Endocrine disrupter, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals and Personal care chemicals pose critical risks on public health. It becomes even worse in the Chlorine disinfection process because chlorine reacts with these chemicals and generates disinfection by-products (DBPs). The conventional city water treatment plants normally focus on removing suspended solids, colloids, bacteria etc., but are less effective on the dissolved organic matter, not to mention the micro pollutants.

Combined advanced oxidation processes between UV and other oxidants, like UV/H2O2, UV/O3, UV/H2O2/O3 , could effectively destruct these micro-pollutants including Triazine herbicides, Acetamide herbicides, Carbamate insecticides and Organophosphorus pesticides. They can also destruct Antiseptic by-product precursors and limit the formation potential of DBPs like THMs, HAAs and NDMA. It is worth mentioning that UV/H2O2 could avoid bromate formation during the AOP process even in coastal cities, where bromide concentration is always high.

UVOP is based on LightDomeTM technology. Integrated with high power and high transmittance rate of various wavelengths of the broad wavelength medium pressure UV technology, as well as high efficiency and high Ozone convertion rate of low pressure UV technology, UVOP improves the Photolysis capability and power efficiency of systems significantly.

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City Water disinfetion

World’s first frequency control disinfection EcoBDTM systems

Water supply in buildings always fluctuate in a big range during day time and night time. Amalgam UV systems is widely adopted in building water supply, but normally fixed power UV systems or the power adjustment is very limited (less than 30%),and this need external signals from digital flow meter which is expensive and seldom installed in the building, this cause huge energy waste.

EcoBDTM integrated the latest AI and electric ballast technology, which can adjust system power to fit to the flowrate fluctuation without extra flow meter. The power could be turned down to 17% which is far ahead of industry. This hugely reduce the power consumption, could achieve 55% saving and avoid the high cost of digital flow meter.

For a 600W UV systems, the power consumption saving could achieve 2628KW·h.

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City Water disinfection
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