World's First TOC removal systems based on LightDomeTM technology

As the technologies in semiconductor industry develops fast, it requires ever better ultrapure water (UPW) during chip manufacturing. TOC (Total organic carbon) is required to achieve ppt level in UPW for the industry. UV is a key technology in the water purification process to help achieve target TOC level in the outlet.

Short wavelength (<200 nm) UV is so destructive that it could interact with water molecules and dissolved oxygen to generate hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radial generated could then destruct TOC by oxidizing or decomposing of organics and convert TOC to CO2 . Another channel of removing TOC is by ion exchange bed after ionization with the help of hydroxyl radical. The intensity of short wavelength UV radiation will determine the TOC removal efficiency.

ZeroTOCTM TOC UV is based on LightDomeTM technology, integrate medium pressure UV and low pressure UV technologies and is designed with the latest CFD model, which could simulate the water flow path and velocity in the reaction chamber and fully exploit the high intensity advantage of medium pressure system and high efficiency advantage of low pressure system. It can optimize the lamp position and UV intensity based on water velocity in the reaction chamber. With the same TOC removal rate, ZeroTOCTM use less lamps compared with low-pressure systems and is more energy efficient than medium pressure systems. With the least UV lamps, quartz and ballast required to other systems, it needs less maintenance work and cost on these consumable parts replacement.

ZeroTOCTM integrate the latest technology progress on lamp electrode, electric ballast and optical quartz, which improve the output of short Wavelength by 30%, this improve TOC removal efficiency significantly and make the system more power efficient.

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BioEasyTM Pure water/Reuse water Disinfection

It adopts the latest Medium pressure technology and stepless adjustment electrical ballast, designed for bacteria control in small municipal water treatment plants and industry water treatment and reclamation. The running UV dose could be set on site by the target bacteria and removal rate, the system could adjust the system power automatically by the flow, water UV transmittance to achieve the desired dose with the online intensity meter and stepless electric ballast. Automatic cleaning systems is included to make sure the smooth run of the system at the highest power efficiency.

The Chamber is made of 316L SS.

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Water Disinfection
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