Core Technology


The world's first LightDomeTM technology employs lamps with various power and wavelengths based on application needs. The lamps make the distribution of the light intensity and wavelength suitable for the flow path of fluids in the chamber. In addition, these lamps can compensate intensities for each other and increase the synergistic effect among different wavelengths, which makes the system operate at the highest achievable efficiency.

LightDomeTM in Disinfection Applications 

When fluid flows through the UV chamber at changing flow rates, its flow path and velocity gradient will change accordingly. To achieve the most homogeneous UV dosage, the lamp power shall be adjustable accordingly based on the fluid velocity at a certain position that the lamp is located in. Coupled with the lamp power self-adaptive system with independent adjustment technology, LightDomeTM can avoid nitrite generation due to overdose in one part of the chamber and inadequate disinfection due to underdose in another part of the chamber. Both of the effects are direct causes that will bring down the performance of UV systems.

LightDomeTM in Photolysis and AOP applications 

Different wavelengths play different roles in photolysis and AOP applications. UV light with wavelength <240nm can photo-dissociate water molecules and dissolved oxygen to generate hydroxyl radical and ozone. UV light with wavelength between 220 and 320 nm can destroy ozone quickly to generate the highly oxidative hydroxyl radical at a high concentration, which could oxidize organics in the water efficiently.

Coupled with the lamp power self-adaptive system with independent adjustment technology, LightDomeTM could adjust the intensity of lights at different wavelengths based on the needs from the target organic matters. The synergistic effect among different wavelengths achieved in the system will significantly improve the efficiency of TOC reduction and AOP application, while minimizing the usage of lamps, quartz sleeves and ballast in the system. This design reduces the running cost and streamlines the maintenance of the systems.



CoolPasTM Cold Sterilization system adopts LightDomeTM technology,is very effective in killing Mesophile like Lactobacillus and Enterobacterium, Thermophile bacteria like streptococcus thermophilus and Bacillus Stearothermophilus, Psychrophilic bacteria like Pseudomonas and Leukonoid, as well as spores and Pathogenic bacteria. The system can achieve 360º rotation during the disinfection process, which could thoroughly disinfect the product by avoiding hindrance by fruit meat in the juice and the dark material in the fluid. Moreover, the system can disinfect the process water together with Sugar and Juice at the same time. The innovated baffle design could distribute water evenly in the chamber to avoid dead corner, which will reduce both the capital cost and running cost of the system significantly.


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