About Us

Emax Photonics , originated from Texas, USA in 2012, is a high technology company focusing on research and development of new applications in fluid treatment and environmental protection areas. The company specializes in the realization and materialization of the latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge research progresses made in Photoelectric and Physicochemical areas by establishing long-team partnership with several key parts suppliers and organizations within the US and around globe.

Emax fully adopts the Three E concept, which stands for “Effective” , “Efficient” and “Easy” in technology development and product design.

CoolPasTM is the first-of-its-kind Cold Sterilization system based on Photoelectric technology, which perfectly balances among disinfection efficiency, power consumption and nutrients conservation, The technology could meanwhile disinfect water used during the food processing.

ZeroTOCTM is the world's first TOC reduction system integrating Medium pressure UV and low pressure UV technology in one system, which fully exploit the advantages of two type UV technology, and achieve perfect balance on TOC removal efficiency, power consumption and Less replaced consumables. This make systems maintenance much easier and also reduce the running cost on power consumption and consumables replacement.

EcoBDTM is the world's first frequency control systems combining AI technology, which can automatically adjust the system power to adapt to the fluctuating flow rate during daytime and nighttime in the building without expensive flow meters, this reduce both capitals investment and running cost. Its wide adjustment range (17% to 100%) is unprecedented.

To achieve the best balance between quality and cost, globalization and localization, we adopted the centralized R&D strategy. Key parts will be supplied from the centralized hub and the systems will be integrated locally to maintain the high quality of products while providing timely and cost-effective services and products to our customers.

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